Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taylor is 3!

3 years ago tomorrow at 11:55 pm.....I welcomed my little girl, Taylor, into the world!

And ever since that life has been forever changed.

Shortly after she was born, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to endure surgery and chemo at a time when I was just struggling at being a new mom.

Wearing my pink wig!

She was my rock.......the thing that kept me going.  She gave me a reason to be strong, and to survive.

I am amazed at the big girl that she is becoming.

She no longer is the baby in these pictures.  She is blossoming into a little girl that is bright, sweet, intuitive, caring and the light of my life.

She makes me laugh so hard at times!

I am so proud of the big sister that she is becoming!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 months old

Madi is 8 months old today!

It is hard to believe that she has graced us with her presence for 8 months already!  It has gone so fast!

Doing her superman pose

I must admit, though, that I have been a little frustrated with her lately.

She is a HORRIBLE napper!!!  She won't sleep unless she is being held or in her carseat in the car.  She falls asleep in your arms but the exact moment you get up from the rocking chair or you lay her down, she is wide awake.  I have tried laying her down just groggy and not full asleep, but then she just thrashes around and never sleeps.  She will do this for 1/2 hour or more.  So, I get her up but she really is so tired that she won't do anything.  And she's cranky!  Then, she gets sooooo tired that you can't get her to sleep even by rocking her.  She's beyond the point of no return...

So, I decided today.....on her 8 month birthday.......that we are starting some "tough love" time.  As much as it is going to kill me inside.....she needs to learn to sleep on her own for a nap.  That's something that I don't understand about her.....she sleeps wonderfully at night.  I just lay her down after feeding her a bottle, wide awake, and she goes to sleep and sleeps through the night.  Why can't she do this during the day?!?!

If any of you mommas have any advice for me, let me know, PLEASE!!!

This afternoon I had somewhat success....but, I am afraid that it was really just some luck.  I laid her down groggy.  She thrashed around and cried for about 10 minutes.  I went up there but didn't pick her up.  I just rubbed her back and after about 5 minutes she feel asleep.  Yeah!!!!  Like I said, though, I think it was just pure luck.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Another thing I have been frustrated with her.......she is totally regressing......or something.  I know that she goes through these phases where she doesn't progress.  But, I feel like she is going backwards.  She won't pivot.  She won't be in the quadruped position ( and she used to LOVE that position and could be like that for 5 min. straight).  She won't side sit, she won't kneel.  Sometimes, she barely will sit.

She used to do all these things and now she doesn't want to do any of them.  She's not sick.  She's not learning a new skill in a different area.  She's just doing a whole lot of nothing.

Sometimes I think she just doesn't want to do it......because she's stubborn.....and by, golly, she is NOT going to do it!

I don't know how to break out of this.  Her PT doesn't have any suggestions other than try to make things fun for her, don't push her.  But, I am feeling frustrated.  Any suggestions?!?!

Okay, I am looking at that cute little face smiling above and I feel bad for feeling frustrated!

So.......happy 8 month birthday Madi!  And here's to hoping that we have a break through with both the napping issue and the "doing nothing" issue.

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School at the Rise

So, today was Taylor's 1st day of preschool at the Rise School of Denver, which is the school that Madi will start going to next fall.  It has 50% typical kids and 50% kids with special needs.  

The day started out so wonderfully.....

Taylor was looking cute as can be......with her new little backpack!

We made the 45 minute drive to the school.  Yes, I said 45 minute drive!  I am sure you are asking, why would you drive 45 minutes to a preschool!?!?

Well, Madi will start the school next fall when she is old enough.  And we really think it will be good for Taylor to be around other kiddos like her baby sister.  I think she will learn more compassion, patience and to be a leader.

Anyways, back to the drive story.......we are pulling off the freeway and out of nowhere, Taylor projectile vomits all over the car.  And when I say, all over, I mean ALL OVER!!!!  Her carseat is in the center so I am sure you can imagine the damage that was done to me, the center console, the radio, everything!!!

At first, I felt horrible for her!  She was crying and didn't really understand what was going on with her.  But, then I thought, I just drove 45 minutes and now we are going to drive all the way home and she can't go to school!

But, she did get to go!  Whew!!!  She has been taking antibiotics for an infected "smashed up" finger and she took them on an empty stomach this morning.  I wasn't able to get food in her fast enough after the medicine so needless, to say, up it came.

The school was understanding about the situation and knew it wasn't because she was sick.  Thankfully, I was bringing in a stash of "extra" clothes to have at the school.  So......out went the cute little dress and on came the sweat pants and t-shirt.  Oh well, there are many more days of cute clothes to come!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taylor's 3rd birthday - The Fun!!!

If you have seen the last post with the decorations pictures......I told ya I went a "little" overboard this year!

Well, here's the fun of the party!

The whole petting zoo party was crazy!!!  I thought they were going to have the animals in a pen area and the kids could walk in there to see them........Oh no, the llama, alpaca, and goat were just wandering around the back yard!  It was awesome!!!

Taylor became a "little" obsessed with the bunnies.  She didn't quite understand that you can't lay on the bunnies to give them hugs.

Diggin' for Gold!

Decorating their western vests.......

Mark's dad, Jim

Taylor's big birthday gift......a new bike!