Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Girl Goes Flying......

A few months ago, we won an auction at a fundraiser for the girl's school for a 1 hr. sightseeing flight in a C-172.  It has taken a few months to finally have the time to schedule it, but yesterday was finally the day!

You are probably wondering why 2 people who fly airplanes for a living would pay someone else to take them flying.....well, flying in a small airplane for fun is completely different than flying in a large aircraft for a living.  You have excitement for the takeoff and landing but then there is hours of sheer boredom.  I haven't been in a small airplane since 1997, when I started flying for the airlines.  For Mark, it has been since 2000.  That's a long time!!!

Taylor has been so excited to go flying!

When we got to the airport, she was just a giddy-mess!!  But, as we were walking up to the aircraft, the nervousness and shyness kicked in.

But, that was quickly replaced again with her excitement!!!

We had her sit up front so that she would have the opportunity to fly the aircraft!!  And flying is what she did!!  Seriously, the girl was a natural!  And she has nooooo all!  Her favorite thing to do was "nose the airplane over" and get the whole zero-g thing going on.  She would just giggle as she was doing it.  After doing this at one point, Mark looks over at me and says, "I can't believe our lives are in our 4 year old daughter's hands!".  :)

We had an opportunity to fly over our house, so I quickly called my parents from the air and had them come outside with Madi to wave at us!

We then flew over the foothills and over a reservoir.

Taylor flew a little more and then it was time to come in and land.

She helped Doug push the plane back to it's parking spot and tie it down.......which, of course, she was super proud of.

I'm scared we have another pilot in our future!  She wanted to stay the night at the airport and she's already asking when she gets to go flying again!  Oh no!!!