Friday, December 28, 2012

Madi is 2 years old!

2 years ago life was forever changed!  When I first heard the words, "Down syndrome", I thought it was the end of the world.  But, soon I would discover it was not something to be feared.  If Madi having Down syndrome is what makes her HER........then I wouldn't change it for the anything!

When I first started writing Madi's birthday post, I looked back to see what I had written last year on her birthday ....... and you know, I was going to write something very similar.  The feelings are all the same.  I am continually amazed by this little girl and every day she shows me that she is capable of such great things!!

She is smart, stubborn, determined, silly, crazy over her sister and most of all......the most loving little girl!  Seriously, this girl gives the best hugs!

Here is a look at the last year....

Miss Madi was sick pretty much the first 4 months of last year.

Doing the army crawl.

Valentine's Day!

St. Patrick's Day!

Officially crawling on all fours!

World Down syndrome Day!

Pajama and Pancakes Easter Party!

1st Airplane Ride!

Soooo big!

Doing her bear crawl!

Pudding sensory fun!

Step Up for Down syndrome Walk!

It is false that kids with Down syndrome are always happy!!

Unhappy Unicorn!

We discovered she LOVES suckers!

And lollipops too!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Madi!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Photo Smash

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!!!  We celebrated our Christmas a day early, as both Mark and I had to work on Christmas day.  Yuck!  But, at least the girls are young enough where we don't have to get creative trying to explain how Santa is coming early......we just told them it was Christmas Day!

Here are some photos that highlight our holiday season!

Mile High Down syndrome Assoc. Holiday Party

It was our first year attending the MHDSA Holiday party.......and I really wish we would have went last year!  It was great!!!  I met a ton of people that I have been friends with on Facebook, but just haven't met in person.  It was nice to finally put the face of them and their kiddos to the status's that I read all the time.

Madi and her "cheese-ball" self!

The girls were enthralled with the guy playing the piano!

Yes, Madi is NOT a fan of Santa.  She wasn't last year and I really didn't think she would this year.  And judging by her reaction, I won't be surprised if she is not a fan next year, either.

Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf craze was a huge hit in our household.  We didn't use it as a "threat" to behave, like the book kind of talks about.  Taylor got a kick out of looking for the elf in the morning to see "what that crazy elf is up to!"

Movie time with his favorite gal!

Bathroom break time!

Elf got lost on his way home from the North Pole and needed to snag a plane to help him come back to our house.

Barbie marshalled him in on to the runway.

TPing the tree!


Just being his crazy self!

His crew!

Fishing for some gold fish!

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was a day early too.  We did our usual tradition of appetizers, perogies (Ukrainian food) and looking at Christmas lights.  This year we went to Hudson Gardens, where they have an amazing light display.  I won't bore you with the pictures of the lights, as I haven't quite figured out how to adjust my camera so that they are not blurry.

Taylor left out cookies and milk for Santa.........and carrots and lettuce for the reindeer!

Christmas Day

The day began with.........

........seeing that Santa ate all his cookies and milk and the reindeer ate their veggies but pooped along the way!!!

I tried to be all "pinteresty" (is that even a word.....I don't should be) and make cute "Santa footprints" in flour that led to the basement where their BIG gift was at......but it didn't really work out.  So, 2 minutes before they came down, we whipped out the sign from Santa.

The girls were spoiled this year.......and that is putting it lightly.  I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to buy one of those indoor bouncy castles for the basement (from Santa) and just have a couple little gifts from us.  Well, those couple of little gifts turned into WAY too many!  I bought a couple of things but then kind of forgot about what I had gotten and then I bought something else.  And then I realized that I didn't have an equal number of gifts for the girls.  And I have to be equal.  So, then, I was buying more.  You get the picture.......

I have loved looking at everyone else's photos from Christmas!  It's my favorite holiday of the year and I can't wait for next year already!!!